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PPM Vol.1 Issue 2 (Download)

PPM Vol.1 Issue 2 (Download)
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iGi Erneta takes Pivot Point Magazine inside the new movie, “Flag of My Father,” a film that explores family dynamics and celebrates our nation’s military.  With exclusive cast interviews, we go behind the scenes and delve into private revelations about the actors that influence the characters they portray onscreen, and who they are as individuals off-screen.

While “Flag of My Father” is a movie that is sure to move you, the inside story will move you more — found only in Pivot Point Magazine.

We also head into the locker room with former Olympic Gold Medalist Heavy Weight Boxing Champ, George Foreman, as he shares intimate details about his life and the events after the knockout punch that drastically changed it all.

Back in the states, Ron Dorres former president of the motorcycle club,“The Vagos,” tells us about when he was served with papers legally declaring him, and The Vagos, urban terrorists.  He barely escaped with his own life, and now he helps others who want to leave the gang lifestyle.

We make a splash inside the motorsports world with the ‘World’s Fastest Top Fuel Jet Boat,’ and speed across the asphalt with an Indy Car team that races with a higher calling.

Then it’s off to the runways with a trendy new exclusive line of fashion that literally clothes you in the Word of God.


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