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Become a Tree of Life (eBook)
This teaching is so different from traditional teachings about the Garden of Eden and what took p..
Repossessing Your Inheritance (eBook)
This book gives voice to our pain and provides a blueprint for repossessing our earth, our bodies..
Tapping Resurrection Power (ebook)
When we enter the Garden of Gethsemane, we will see many things that have been hidden in the scri..
Temptation (eBook)
A Story of Romance and Betrayal Twenty year old Cissy Mosely Weeks, the granddaughter of Mrs...
The Book of David, Vol.1 (eBook)
Talk about flava on your favor!!  What can’t David do?!?  Shepherd boy, fighting for th..
The Book of Esther (eBook)
Who wouldn’t want to be Queen?  The glitz, glam, fame, fortune, and of course being waited o..
Judah and Tamar (eBook)
Oh the pain!  Judah is crushed by the disobedience of his sons, and the passing of his wife...
The Book of Ruth (eBook)
Both Naomi and Ruth have learned how to make it through some rough times.  Now together they..
The Messiah Unveiled, Vol.1 (ebook)
The opportunity of a lifetime!  How honorable it must have been for Joseph and Mary to be us..
Season of Hate, A Legacy of Love (eBook)
In this book, Pastor Rick Shelton makes a passionate appeal for racial unity in the church. ..
The Four Victories (eBook)
  The Four Victories combines the best of the best from the most successful health and ..
Why Jesus? (eBook)
“Don’t you know that Jesus died for your sins?” As a young man growing to adulthood, I heard this..
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