I think that there are way too many untold stories that go to the grave because too many people don’t have any idea how to publish their story or if they do they don’t feel they have the resources to make it happen. That’s why we are here. That’s why we have stepped back in to book publishing.

This section of the site will get you some practical insight to what’s involved in publishing a book. The Production and Publishing link will give you a step-by-step overview through the entire process from beginning to end.

Our main thrust in book publishing is to work with unknown authors that have untold stories or a cutting-edge messages that are worthy of publication. This concept takes us in the direction of  “self-publishing,” but with a very needed spin on it — a hybrid of sorts — keyword — “promotion.”

Let’s face reality... the reason somany people don’t want to self publish is because it is a gamble and investment in the unknown. The idea of, “nobody knows me, how am I going to sell any books?” When it’s your money on the line, that becomes a very large roadblock to ever moving forward with such an endeavor.

This is also the very reason that “traditional” publishers are not going to take on the unknown author, even if their message is great, they are not going to take the investment gamble on someone that is unknown in the marketplace. They MUST sell books to recoup their investment and make profit. Unless they have a strong sense of the possibility to market a new author successfully, they are not going to take on such an investment.

The answer to all of this is PROMOTION! Marketing is key to promotion. Advertising is key to marketing. The end result of all of this is sales, and sales results in distribution.

So ultimately,  whether your book is self-published or traditionally published the key to sales and distribution is marketing and promotion! That is why we cannot talk about book production and publishing without talking about marketing, advertising and promotion. That is another big factor in why we are launched our Pivot Point Magazine..

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