johnnyandJunecash2“The reality of Christ was so evident in Johnny Cash, who never preached a word to me, that it was undeniable. It was undeniable in every breath that I saw Johnny Cash take. That’s not the case with a lot of other people. A lot of folks chase people out of the Kingdom with their preaching. Johnny Cash never did that.”

“It was Johnny who led me to Christ.  He was so different from many of the other Christians I’d seen, and he didn’t fit the stereotypes I had of the guys in Argyle sweaters happily dancing through the flowers with big smiles on their faces because life was so perfect.  I just watched as Johnny and June’s lives were held together by the love of Christ.


Johnny and I would be fishing and suddenly he’d look at his watch and start heading back to the house... said something about needing to spend some time with the Lord.  It intrigued me that this rough man's man would have these priorities, and pretty soon I was asking questions, wanting what he had.  Johnny and June kept circling and trying to talk sense into me, without being sappy.  And it worked.  They understood that I had to be ready; so they waited patiently.  That was very different from anything I’d seen before.”



John Schneider sings with June and Johnny—“Daddy Sang Bass” 1986

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