In this case, back in the mid 90’s I was working with many different ministry leaders from many different groups or denominations as well as “callings” within the ministry leadership, such as Pastors, Evangelist, Prophets, Apostles and many Bible Teachers. The Bible calls these “ministry offices” that God places in His Church to help encourage as well as educate “His Children” also called the “Family of God” or the “Body of Christ.”

The problem that began to weigh heavy on me in servicing this very powerful and diverse group of people was the overwhelming sense of division neatly disguised as “independence” — the idea of, “me and my group can get the job done first and bigger and better than anybody else.” That whole concept has caused huge chasms in the “Body of Christ” — especially in the leadership.

The interesting part about this is that I found myself very much in the “middle” of working with and servicing so many of these different groups — freely moving in and out of each group and feeling very much a part of each. This freedom allowed me to gain an invaluable sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each group. It was a bittersweet experience because I began to see the strengths of one group being able to fill in the weaknesses of another group and yet these groups wanted nothing to do with each other or at best each group was so focused on “their own thing” that they had no time or energy to get involved with anybody else’s thing.

As I was continually faced with the heaviness of this observation, I began making it a matter of personal, as well as the corporate, prayer time at the office with the staff. Somewhere in the early to mid 1990’s I began to come to grips with the concept of putting together a magazine publication that could be used as a tool to help “build bridges” between these groups of ministries and church denominations and affiliations by publishing articles and advertising teaching materials from the ministry leadership in all these groups. This idea would bring the strengths of each of these ministry groups together in one publication for the purpose of benefiting the reader with a tremendous resource of enlightenment and encouragement.

The 90’s have come and gone and we are now knocking on the door of ending the first decade of the new millennium and I not only did not start the magazine, I totally and completely forgot about the idea entirely! This is where the Back to the Future part comes into play. Just before Thanksgiving 2009, I had a very eye-opening experience concerning this whole matter.

In the Holy Bible it states in the book of Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 3, that when God gives you a vision (a divinely inspired word), even though it delays, or even seems like it’s not going to happen, we are instructed to wait for it. Why? Because Habakkuk says, that at the END the vision will SPEAK! That is exactly what happened to me back in November of 2009, just before Thanksgiving — the vision spoke back to me. Even though I had totally and completely lost conscious memory of it, at the moment it spoke, it was as alive to me as if I had never forgotten it.

I had to go BACK TO MY PAST BEFORE I COULD PROCEED WITH MY FUTURE! Since we have reconnected with the vision we now have a name for the new magazine and publishing company that goes with it — Pivot Point Magazine and Pivot Point Publishing. The name defines exactly what the magazine represents in my life — a very definite PIVOT POINT for me, my family, my career, my purpose, and I have to believe (in the bigger scheme of things) in helping to bridge the gaps toward unity in the Body of Christ as well as a relevant vehicle in reaching the marketplace of people with a word of encouragement and enlightenment that will effectively bring hope into their lives.

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