Pivot Point Magazine is a gathering place of the stories of people’s lives that have experienced a significant “pivot point” from defeat to success, darkness to light, failure to victory. We are on a quest to bring the stories that will encourage and enlighten the reader to look beyond their own defeat and failures to see the possibilities of success and victory in their own lives.

ticketbackstagePPMPivot Point will take you “behind the curtain” and bring you the heart of the “real story” — the “story behind the story” about people that you respect, people you look up to, people who entertain you, people who have gone from rags to riches.

Behind the scenes is where the realaction happens, and that’s where Pivot Point goes for real life stories of defeat to success, failure to victory, and overcoming the seemingly impossible.  Fairly tales are enacted on-stage; reality prevails behind the curtain. Readers will be inspired, encouraged and entertained with the amazing, page-turners that fill this remarkably illustrated publication.

“The name defines exactly what the magazine represents in my life — a very definite PIVOT POINT for me, my family, my career, my purpose, and I have to believe (in the bigger scheme of things) in helping to bridge the gaps toward unity in the Body of Christ as well as a relevant vehicle in reaching the marketplace of people with a word of encouragement and enlightenment that will effectively bring hope into their lives.”

Pivot Point Magazine comes to the table with years of experience and relationships with very key leaders that are strategic players in today’s marketplace. Pivot Point is all about relationships. The underlying point of this publication is to develop and strengthen relationships. We believe that ultimately the most important relationship is with God’s Son, Jesus Christ. We have discovered that when you peel back enough layers and get to the very core of what makes people tick, you will find the very presence of God working and dealing with the inner most thoughts and desires that only exist in the “secret places” of the human soul.

If you are not yet involved with Pivot Point at some level, and would like to know more about the areas where you can participate or benefit from, please contact us directly by email or by phone. We are endeavoring to continually update the website and have multiple response forms to help us know more about you and your input.

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