In today’s society every company/organization needs to have a presence on the internet. You need to be taking advantage of the most cutting edge and economical tool available today to reach the world with your message — period!

One mistake that so many people make is having their website so overloaded with “bells and whistles” that it cannot even be viewed by the average computer or  internet connection. We designers can get so caught up in all the latest “goodies” available for web pages that we forget about the masses of people (viewers) that are still using old (slow) computers with even slower dial-up connections — they are still out there.

Our approach to web design is much more practical and down to the basics of purpose and function. That’s not to say that we can't get carried away with some of the “fun” stuff when appropriate. If you don’t have a website, we can walk you through the set-up process of:

  1. Getting a domain name. (website address) Get your name HERE
  2. Setting up a hosting package. (billed annually) Get your ECONOMY hosting HERE
    (where your site is stored and broadcast to the internet)
  3. Assist in setting up a Stripe account for e-commerce.
    ( is the payment gateway that we recommend using)
  4. Design and Layout your web pages. (priced by the page)
  5. Create a simple or comprehensive online store.
  6. Create a customized “blog” or internet “forum/bulletin board.”

Remember we are designing your website... so you provide the content. The site is about you and your company/organization.

 Click on the links below to browse samples of some of the websites we have designed:

Agape and Praise Fellowship

Arnolds Old fashioned Hamburgers

Art Thou Graphics

At the River Ministries

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Crossroads Barn and Breakfast

Faccia Bella

Retro Trucks Magazine

Veteran Outreach International

Comprehensive e-Commerce Store Examples

Agape and Praise Webstore

Chrysler Power Webstore

Hollywood Motorsports

Life Tees

Pivot Point Webstore

Retro Trucks Magazine

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